What Information Will Be Most Helpful To Me Today?

XIII Temperance
XII The Hanged Mad
Page of Cups
Seven of Swords

“The interval between the delay of the old and the formation and the establishment of the new constitutes a period of transition, which must always necessarily be one of uncertainty, confusion,error, and wild and fierce fanaticism” — John C. Calhoun

Change is here. You look to the future, listening intently for instructions. The Auniverse is in a constant state of ebb and flow, much like the waves of the ocean. It is time to accept the discomfort of change and ride those waves to what lies ahead. The process has begun, there is no use fighting it. The forging of your new soul was inspired by divine intervention. Nothing can stop you now. Keep walking the path and making the change.

Advice: Meditate about accepting change, trusting your intuition and staying true to the path, no matter how rocky it may become.

Blessed by suffering. Being aware of the sacrifice and suffering that may or will ensue to complete the task and achieve the goal and choosing to delve straight in anyway. Have faith in your course. Be patient and calm. Give over to the process. Don’t force it or live in a reactive state.

Advice: Be quiet and listen carefully.

White Rose -> Spiritual Inspiration

Someone is acting on your behalf. A spiritual awaking has become and the desired outcome is being helped along without your knowledge. This dream/idea/goal has lived long in your soul and is now being manifested.

There is only one course to take and you must do it. Your rational mind will fight you on it and fear is a powerful presence. Self-sabotage is a real threat. Your thought process and communication skills will be tested. Learn from this and stay the course.


It is a tumultuous time of change and forward movement. You will be tested and fear will try to overtake you. Trust you intuition and the path you are on. This is all part of the process and what is supposed to happen. Stay calm, meditate and give over to the process. Be care of self-sabotage and do what needs to be done.

My thoughts

This has been such a year of upheaval. It is scary but feels good like a door is opening up in front of me. I am determined to walk through it. I can see several places where this might apply to me today and this week. My diet. I have finally found the way to success and still am having a hard time making the sacrifices and embracing the process and so end up cheating and feeling shameful and then saying fuck it. This seems like good advice for this situation.

I also have a situation with a friend. I know what is right for me and the best way forward on the path that leads to wellness and fulfillment for me is to let her go. This is very hard to reconcile and I am struggling with what to do. What is best for me in this situation is not necessarily what is best for the overall situation and all the others involved. This is one where I have chosen to sit in my discomfort and wait it out, listening for insight and waiting for the right path forward to present itself. So, some of this reading could apply to that situation as well.

Overall I know that I am heading in the right direction and am fortified to stay the course and see what is on the other side of the door. This is worth the work and sacrifice, but the path is a winding one and the surface unstable. I will continue to believe and trust and give myself over to the process.

What Information Will Be Most Helpful To Me Today?
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