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First card jumped the deck while I was shuffling…

X Wheel of Fortune
Ten of Swords
XI Strength
Ace of Pentacles
II High Priestess

The predominance of Major Arcana cards indicates that there are things at play here that are beyond your control.  The universe is in charge of this situation and bigger ideals are at play.

Combined energy of blue rose of the impossible and the red rose of physical action.  Making of the impossible into reality – your needs fulfilled.

The conflict within yourself has resolved and your true soul needs will take center stage.  What you truly need will be delivered and the petty and unsolvable reactionary responses subside.  Appreciate you life and be content that your inner child is loved and protected and you are liberated from the past.

Advice: focus on your fundamental needs and not frivolous desires.

Remember you are only part of the greater cosmic plan.  There is more going on than you can currently perceive.

Advice: Don’t take the whole thing too seriously, just go along for now.

The destruction of old thoughts and perceptions is necessary.  You must destroy the old to make way for the new.  Forgiveness will bring peace and comfort.

“Strong men can always afford to be gentle.  Only the weak are intent on ‘giving as good as they get.’” — Elbert Hubbard

You must prepare to go the distance, letting go of past notions leading forward with strength and courage.  You will be tested spiritually and physically.  You will find strength and spiritual fortitude through forgiveness.

Wow, more talk of forgiveness.  Forgiving what? Who?  I feel drawn to the previous card talking about realizing that my inner child is now loved and cared for and it is ok to let go of the past.

Advice: Look inward to determine how forgiveness can bring meaning to this situation.

Gold rose of material fruition

Meeting the task, passing the test of forgiveness will bring about tangible results in your life.  A new cycle begins from the integration of mind, body and spirit.

You are reborn, no longer tied to the past, ceasing to exist in your previous form.  You are healed by integrating the knowledge that you can only ebb and flow with the nature and matters of the universe.

Advice: trust your intuition.


There are cosmic matters at play here.  It is time for a new cycle to begin but first you must forgive, let go of the past and be content where you are.  Letting go of the past is challenging and requires courage and strength, fortitude you have and can sure up by focusing on your souls needs and figuring out who and what to forgive.  This process will lead to new beginning and opportunities and you will be healed of the weight of the past and be strong in the knowledge that you are in sync with the universe’s intention for you.

My thoughts

My morning reading and reflection brought about anxiety for me.  In facing my most raw spots I found myself retreating and fighting the process.  There is something so painful about admitting the root of something and in doing so enabling the option of letting it go.  If I admit to my flaws, my part in the problem, my truest darkest feeling about the situation then I might lose the power that I feel I gain from holding on to those things so tightly.

But the truth is, I am not gaining power from holding on, the power is to be gained by letting go.  Being courageous and facing my fears head on will allow me to forgive myself and others and move on.  This will leave space for a new cycle to begin.  I am so ready for a new cycle, but I seem to hold onto the past and all that pain like some sort of security blanket.

I must spend time today reflecting on those raw spots and what is at the root of them, share them and release them.  Just knowing what they are will deflate some of their power.  This idea of being reborn, secure in my attachments and ready for the next cycle of life is everything I could wish for.  I am scared I can’t do it.  Ah, there it is.  Off to work…

How do I stay grounded today?
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