Tarot Reading - Daily Meditation - Celebrate the completion of a growth phase. Take on a physical challenge.

Ace of Wands
Two of Swords
Ten of Cups
Ten of Pentacles

No major arcana cards indicates that this is a reading dealing with the here and now, taking place and revolving around current circumstances. This is encouraging as I asked a very tangible question and hoped for an answer I could implement in my daily life starting right now.

Red rose of the physical world and actions

Physical challenges met and obsticals removed. Charge ahead with a more creative approach. Beware feelings of anger. Physical sacrifice.

Advice: Move ahead with the physical changes you have been planning. Don’t let your frustration get in the way. Get creative in ways to help you accomplish the physical sacrifices necessary. This is the necessary first step. Take action.

Understand and resolve the conflicting influences. Contracts and agreements in play.

Advice: Seek to understand what conflicts are at play. Make it official. Create a contract and plan for yourself and hold yourself to it. Who do you trust to hold you accountable?

The end of a cycle so that new can begin. Who will you be now?

Satisfying emotional end to a cycle. You have successfully completed this part of the emotional journey. You have done it. This growth cycle is complete. In return a wish will be granted. All your work will lead to life beyond your expectations.

Advice: Acknowledge the completion of the cycle and the work you have done. You did it! Allow yourself to experience the rewards and move forward.

Blessings of nourishment and renewal. Comfort. The turmoil and conflict are over. Reap the rewards. A new lease on life.

Advice: Take comfort in the fact that the turmoil is over. Again, you did it! Reap the rewards, embrace this new life.


The next step is to take action, face physical challenges head on and start to remove obsticals.  This may take a creative approach but you must make the necessary sacrifices.  In order to do this you much understand what is holding you back and create structure and accountability.  You have done the work.  The cycle of growth is complete.  There is no more turmoil.  You have done it!  You just now have to embrace all the lies ahead of you.

My Thoughts

OK,  this makes so much sense to me.  I have been in turmoil for so long, the vast majority of my life.  I have lacked trust in myself and others.  I have been floating around in various degrees of disarray.  But I have done the work.  This last year especially has felt like a huge cycle of growth and destruction of the old.  So many things have crumbled down around me, the old making way for the new or the regeneration of the old in a new form.  It has been a challenging time and I can feel inside me the completion of the phase.

With that completion comes all this opportunity and forward momentum.  I think I am finding it a little difficult to let go of the past and all the discomfort there.  I can see now that I wrapped it around me like a security blanket.  Letting that go isn’t easy.

But, in my heart I have known this and now have confirmation from this reading that the next step is to overcome the physical conflict I have within me.  To address my health and my weight and really commit to that process.  I am having a hard time.  I see the slightest bit of success and spiral down into a cycle of self-sabotage balanced with a great deal of frustration and anger both at myself and just the world in general.  Why does it have to be so hard for me? Why does everything have to be so hard for me?

But, alas, I know.  It is time.  It is time to dig deep, explore and see clearly what is holding me back.  What am I so aftraid of?  What is that I will be missing?  I am so tired.  I am just so tired.  Sometimes it seems like a never ending battle, one that may never end.  But it is up to me to put an end to it.  This is the next phase of my growth.

The world is at my fingertips apparently.  I must keep my eye on the prize.  It is time to embrace and celebrate everything I have worked so hard for and celebrate how far I have come.  The universe if presenting everything I have wanted on a platter.  But you have to commit, be creative and committed and follow through.  Just do it!

On a here and now front I will start with my physical needs and that work.  Diet and exercise.  I know what to do, but have been struggling to fully commit to the work.  At some point I need to give over to it and challenge myself to follow it through to the end.  We will start there and work toward the rest.  I have so many plans and now is my time.

How Do I Get Back on Track?
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